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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Learn to Play Craps - Tips and Strategies: Dealer Tokes

You think, "Tip the dealers? What? Losing money to the casino isn't enough, now you tell me I have to give money to the dealers?" Yes, you should tip dealers, especially when they're helpful. In the casino business, a "toke" is a tip. Dealers call tippers "George" or "live," and non-tippers "stiffs."

Dealers typically work for minimum wage (or close to it) plus tips. I compare them to restaurant servers because they provide a service and they rely on tips for their livelihood. The service that dealers provide includes properly handling your bets and winnings, answering questions about the game, being courteous and friendly, and just making your craps play more enjoyable.

Craps dealers typically share tips instead of keeping what they get. This makes your job of tipping a bit trickier. Ideally, you want to maximize tips for good dealers and minimize tips for bad ones. In terms of craps dealers, "good" versus "bad" isn't necessarily a measure of skill. If a dealer is friendly, respectful, attentive, and funny, I won't reproach him for being slow (he may be slow because, for example, he's new on the job). I'd much rather be in a slow game with fun dealers than a fast game with dealers who are mannequins when they aren't handling chips.

If craps dealers share tips, how do ensure yours goes to the good ones? You can't. If I'm disappointed in a dealer's service, I ensure his colleagues know I'm disappointed. When the bad one takes a break and a good one replaces him, I politely tell the good one something like, "I don't know if Fred is having a bad day or what, but he's been downright mean to the newbie on the hook." The dealer knows I've been tipping well and he usually gets the hint that Fred ought to lighten up if they want me to continue tipping. Because dealers' income depends on player tips, the good dealer won't hesitate to insist that the lousy one get his act together. The good one knows, if I stop tipping, maybe others will, too.

If you're losing during a particular session, it's not the dealers' fault, so don't blame them. It's not easy to tip while losing, but you shouldn't base your tipping on your gambling success (or failure). When losing, if you can't keep the same tipping pace as when you're winning, simply slow down, but don't stop it altogether. Always remember that you give tips for good service, not for your success at the table.

For whatever reason, most craps players don't tip at all. I don't know if it's because of stinginess or just plain ignorance. Usually, you're the only one tipping. Although not good for the dealers, that's great for you. It means you get all the dealers' attention and reap all the rewards. Rewards? Absolutely, positively, undeniably yes! Learning how and when to tip, as well as how you'll benefit from tipping are part of learning the secret to craps.

Now you know!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Carbon Poker

Carbon are sponsoring the leagues after our very successful freeroll recently and the forum pixies (they make magic happen) Cel and Peks are setting up the schedules.

They have a massive Independence day promo:

Carbon Poker INDEPENDENCE DAY FREEROLL will be held on Saturday the 7th of July, to give everyone a few days to recover from their Independence Day celebrations!

New (or non-depositing) players enter the coupon code 25KFIRST when making their initial deposit between NOW and the 7th of July!

By entering this 25KFIRST code, they will NOT ONLY gain an entry coupon into this MASSIVE event, but they will also receive:

A 115% Initial deposit bonus on deposits up to $230 (the usual coupon requirements apply)

14 Days entry into the $500 Daily Depositor Freeroll!!!

An entry coupon AND an exceptional initial deposit bonus, just for making one deposit!!

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CD Poker Free Cash Details

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to qualify for Free Cash promotion.
  2. You must be a FIRST TIME REAL MONEY PLAYER. If you have ever had an account at CD Poker, you do not qualify.
  3. Only one account per person/street address/phone number. Do not sign up for anyone else, as misrepresentation is stricly against the rules.
  4. You must earn at least 4200 CD Poker points before you can withdraw money from your account.
  5. You must follow all the instructions on this site to get your account credited with Free Money.

CD Poker Free Money Details

Once you follow all the rules and instructions availible on our site, you can apply for CD Poker free bankroll. Requests are processed every day and it may take 1-2 days for your account to get credited. You will receive your first free $15 on your account in 1-2 days and additional $35 in your pending account.

Pending money is released with 600 CD-points for each $5. If you do not get your free cash in that time, your probably didn`t follow all the rules and instructions correctly. If you believe that you are eligable for this promotion and still didn`t receive money, feel free to contact us and tell us about it.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

What qualities make a good casino?

1. Reputation. This would depend on where you are from and how familiar you are with the on-line casino sector. For instance in the UK Ladbrokes and WillHill have an established reputation as they have a substantial high street presence, however there are a number of other well established casinos on-line such as 32RED and Intercasino.

The software provider is also an indicator of the solidity of the casino.

2. Availability of payout reports is important, as to me that would suggest an openness on the casino's behalf (although a lot of people would argue on the authenticity of such reports) a payout average of over 90-92% is a good benchmark and that just adds to the above quality of reputation.

3. Customer service, prompt payouts and in dealing with queries etc.

4. Bonus and bonus terms.

5. Software, ie quantity of games provided, quality of games ie graphics and flow. General presentation of site.